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The exclusive box carved from the finest Carrara marble.

SIDEREA’s superior benefits are matched by an equally special box, a tribute to Italy’s time-honored tradition of beauty.

The box is carved from the finest Carrara marble, Italy’s most famous stone used for centuries by sculptors and skilled marble workers to create some of the most beautiful works in the history of art.

The properties of the marble enable the organic anti-ageing cream to be kept in optimum conditions, using a natural material with no harmful substances to keep the characteristics of the preparation intact, protecting the product from dampness and sharp temperature changes.

As a natural material, the unique properties of marble ensure the optimal preservation of our organic anti-aging cream. Each box is processed using no harmful substances to fully preserve the formula’s properties and protect the product from changes in temperature and humidity. Once you have purchased your premium packaging edition, you can continue your beauty journey with SIDEREA simply by replacing the jar of SIDEREA ORGANIC ANTI-AGING CREAM inside the box with a new one to keep enjoying the exceptional benefits and elegance of the original marble container as well as your timeless beauty ritual.