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BIOMY is the new expression of a select group of Italian researchers committed to natural, environmentally-friendly cosmetics.

The company specialises in the research and development of products made on a small scale that combine high quality, innovation and revolutionary effectiveness. Production is based on the high functional value of products developed with strictly natural processes, the utmost care, and craft expertise.

This approach is aimed at reclaiming the values that underpin small-scale production typical of Italy’s heritage, in conjunction with research in technology and innovation within a green and sustainable model for growth.

The desire at BIOMY is therefore to create cosmetic preparations for extraordinary, unique products for consumers who want to be a proactive, aware and selective customer in modern society.

SIDEREA conveys the values and expertise underpinning BIOMY to perfection.

It gives us great pleasure to know that anyone choosing SIDEREA is not just buying a simple cream, they are buying a select product from BIOMY carefully designed with dedication to universal wellbeing.


BIOMY is an Italian company expert at combining international research and technologies in the development and creation of its products, using craft skill and dedication in keeping with its Italian character.

Each BIOMY product complies with strict COSMOS standards, the new international standards for organic products, which guarantee the application of green chemistry criteria and compliance with environmental and sustainability requirements.

The preparations provided are the result of effectively combining natural organic raw materials with a desire to bring the utmost care and high value to each production phase.

The company’s founders have over twenty years’ experience in the cosmetics industry, and also work with endorsed test laboratories and leading cosmetics manufacturers.


✧ Developing customized cosmetic formulas, including organic Cosmos Organic, Cosmos Natural, AIAB certified formulas (on request).

✧ Packaging advice in cooperation with all-Italian industry-leading companies.

✧ Support to developing, revising and ensuring regulatory compliance of labels, printed and communication material.

✧ Technical and regulatory advice.

✧ P.I.F. production or assessment, including any implementation and/or update.

✧ Safety assessment.

✧ Digital centralized notification in the C.P.N.P. (Cosmetic Product Notification Portal) for release on the market.