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The etymology of the word “desire” is simply fascinating: it comes from the Latin “de-sidera”, meaning the lack (de) of stars (sidera, from sidus, sideris).

After a career designing and creating cosmetic lines for other brands, founders Deborah Francescon and Lara Zorzan’s DESIRE was to create their own range of skincare products that could meet their specific needs.

Starting from their delicate and demanding skin was essential to study, formulate and personally test the products that would then take care of every woman’s beauty and become the MISSING STAR in the universe of luxury cosmetics.

This is how in 2018, after long years of scientific research, they created SIDEREA, the ultimate anti-ageing treatment for particularly delicate and sensitive skin.


Deborah Francescon graduated in Chemistry from the University of Padua in 2000.

While studying for her degree she began to develop a passion for cosmetics, which prompted her to combine science and creativity and experiment with different interactions between formulas and active ingredients to obtain the desired effect on the skin.

She researched and explored different aspects of dermocosmetology, which she proceeded to apply successfully to her formulas as early as the beginning of her career as a cosmetologist working for one of the industry’s leading companies. There she met Lara Zorzan in 2001, and the two immediately formed a close relationship as both business partners and friends.

Whether by chance or by fate, after obtaining her high school diploma in foreign languages Lara Zorzan began her career at the same cosmetics laboratory as Deborah, working there as head of sales and domestic and foreign customer management for more than 10 years.

Here, Deborah and Lara acquired a deep knowledge of the processes involved in making cosmetics – from developing a formula to selecting the best raw ingredients, from production and packaging to marketing the finished product.

Their mission was to address each customer’s unique needs and meet them through their dedication and detail-oriented approach.

Over the years, their growing desire for change and independence led them to found Biomy in 2018.

They deepened their study of green cosmetics, a field where nature and science work hand in hand, devoting their efforts to developing new formulas that specifically protect the microbiome of the most challenging of skin types – sensitive skin.

SIDEREA conveys the values and expertise underpinning BIOMY to perfection.